Colour Practitioner Diploma Course (14 months)

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Colour therapy is becoming a fast growing therapy world wide as the wonderful benefits derived from it are being re- discovered.


According to ancient texts, colour therapy was practised in Atlantean times, in ancient Egypt and in India, but gradually became lost as the advancing techniques of surgical procedures and the use of chemical drugs became paramount.  It is believed that Hippocrates and Paracelsus, who were alchemists and the early fathers of allopathic medicine, used the vibrational energies of colour along with other medical procedures. Today, the vibrational energies of colour are again being used in allopathic medicine, for example, the use of blue light in the treatment of jaundiced, premature babies and red light in photodynamic therapy


Colour is the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is composed of wavelengths, which lie approximately between 400 and 700 nanometres.  Each of the colours contains within itself its own spectrum of colour or variety of hues, each of which vibrates to a set frequency.  We, as human beings, are beings of light, surrounded and interpenetrated by our own electromagnetic field, the aura.  The colours that make up the aura radiate from the chakras or energy centres situated in the various layers that constitute the aura.  The skeletal structure, muscles and organs that lie within the field of each of the chakras, vibrate to one of the hues of the chakra’s dominant colour.  Disease starts in the aura and manifests as an accumulation of stagnant energy, which is either devoid of colour or vibrating to the wrong colour frequency.  If it is not eradicated at this stage, it will manifest as a physical illness.  How true the saying ‘you look off colour’.  Re-introducing the correct colour frequencies promotes homeostasis and restores a sense of well-being. Colour works not only with the physical body but also with the mental, emotional and psychological aspects of a person. It therefore aids the person to find and work with the cause of their physical or emotional problems.


This diploma course contains a lot of hands on practical work and aims towards personal growth and self healing in order that those qualifying as practitioners may help others to do likewise.  The course is non-residential but bed and breakfast may be obtained nearby at a very reasonable price.  Each day starts at 10a.m. and ends at 5p.m. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided, but students are asked to bring their own lunch. 

 The next course will begin in January 2017. The cost for the first year is £800.  This can be paid in monthly instalments with an initial deposit of £200.  The cost for the remaining 6 months is £400.  Included in this £400 is the assessment weekend at the end of the course; marking case studies and a students thesis plus issuing a diploma of qualification.

If a student does not hold a qualification in anatomy and physiology, they are requested to take a recognised course alongside the colour therapy course.

   For a course syllabus  please send a stamped addresses envelope to the Oracle School or telephone or e-mail us for further information.





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