Introductory Weekend on Colour Therapy - 15th & 16th September 2018

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 The weekend  explores the history of colour therapy; its use in modern day medicine; the physics of colour;  the aura and chakras; dowsing; the importance of colour in the home; working with mandalas and self help using colour for simple ailments.  There will be practical work throughout the weekend. At the end of this weekend  information will be given on the colour therapy diploma course.  Students wishing to take the full diploma course can count this weekend as module 1 and start the course at module 2.
The day will start at 10am, and end at 5pm.  Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided.  Please bring your own lunch.
Those taking the colour diploma course  and graduating will then be able to become a member of the  Complementary
Medical Association.


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