Vibrational healing with the quantum infinity incorporating colour

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Vibrational Medicine brought into this century with the Quantum Infinity. Many people, for example Jacob Liberman, have iterated that vibrational medicine will be the medicine of the future. At the Oracle School we now treat with vibrational medicine using the Quantum Infinity which works with the scientific principles of Quantum Physics. Working with this new aspect of vibrational medicine a clients state of health can be ascertained using a photo and voice analysis. This analysis gives the present state of the aura, chakras, meridians, body systems, risks etc. Imbalances in any of these bodily systems is then treated with the Quantum Infinity by placing geodes on the persons wrists which are then attached to the Quantum application. Earphones may also be worn to enhance the treatment. The colour or colours needed by a person can then be ascertained and the correct frequency of the required colours are then given.


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