Colour Reflexology DVD

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Manufacturer: Oracle School Of Colour

The Colour Reflexology DVD  is essential for those wishing to integrate colour with reflexology.  Some of the features shown on this DVD  are 
  • dowsing.
  • colour sensitivity.
  • how to make and interpret the spinal diagnostic chart;. 
  • working with the reflexology colour torch.
  • how to dowse for imbalances in the chakras and meridians and how to treat these imbalances with colour.
  • the three categories used for colour and how to apply  colour to painful reflexes.
  • an explanation of the concept of the overall colour, how this is established and how it is applied to both feet .  
 The end of the DVD shows an interview between Pauline Wills and Jayney Goddard, the President of the Complementary Medical Association,



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